Like living at Downton…

Surely we all have a small fantasy to live in a place like Downton Abbey. World of Interiors are letting us inside Garsington Manor in Oxfordshire so our dreams can be a little more real. 2013_09_11_08_43_14 2013_09_11_08_43_13 2013_09_11_08_43_11 2013_09_11_08_43_10 2013_09_11_08_43_09 2013_09_11_08_43_08 2013_09_11_08_43_06 2013_09_11_08_43_05 2013_09_11_08_43_04 2013_09_11_08_43_02 2013_09_11_08_43_00 2013_09_11_08_42_58


World of Interiors, October 2013. Photography: Christopher Simon Sykes.


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